A manual exfoliation process of removing the superficial dead skin layers and peach fuzz. It will leave your skin silky smooth, vibrant, and supple. Treat yourself to one of the beauty secrets that models have used for years. In addition to being done alone, this can also be added to a custom facial or peel.

Chemical Peels

Medical grade peels are a great way to combat aging and tired skin, pigmented areas or acne. Peels are very effective noninvasive treatments to resurface and revitalize your skin.


Take time for yourself and your skin with this facial customized just for you. Steam, aromatherapy and specialized products are at the heart of this relaxing journey.


The Eclipse Micro-Pen creates superficial micro-channels in order to produce collagen and elastin.  It is a quick and simple procedure where we apply a light topical numbing and follow with a series of passes over areas of the face with the micro-pen.

Microneedle + Custom Peel Duo

This individualized 2-in-1 treatment has many amazing benefits! We first microneedle to stimulate collagen and elastin. This preps the skin nicely to add a customized chemical peel depending on your needs! A Peel is a great way to combat aging and give your skin a nice pick me up. These two combined are a very effective noninvasive treatment to resurface and revitalize your skin.

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